Fireplaces and stoves

In the Iris Ceramiche showrooms, it is possible to find different models of fireplaces and stoves to create a warmer and more romantic atmosphere in your home. From traditional fireplaces to more modern ones with an attractive and innovative design, the company also offers bioethanol-fuelled bio-fireplaces. The staff is at the complete disposal of customers to find the best solution based on the style of their house. Fireplaces and stoves currently represent a valuable item in any environment. The charm of the flame restores a starring role to the fireplace in the living room, but now with a more functional and revisited design than the old ones, where safety and aesthetics match in perfect harmony.

The choice to install fireplaces and stoves at home is not just a furnishing quirk, but a real return to our origins in a modern style. Today it is more than ever a choice of ecological conscience, which at the same time entails significant energy savings for avant-garde homes.


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For more information on Iris Ceramiche fireplaces and stoves, fill out the form right away: you will be contacted by the company with all the tailor-made solutions for you.

If you prefer to see all Iris Ceramiche’s proposals for fireplaces and stoves in person, visit the nearest showroom.

showroom altare

Via G. Matteotti 45
17041 Altare (SV)
Tel. 019 584763

showroom albenga

Regione Bagnoli, A/2
17031 Albenga (SV)
Tel. 0182 571274

showroom sanremo

Corso Mazzini, 501
18038 Sanremo (IM)
Tel. 0184 516121