Swing doors

Iris Ceramiche has a great variety of swing doors in its showrooms in Albenga, Altare and Sanremo. This is the most traditional and popular model for separating two rooms, which is fixed to one side of the compartment and opens conveniently inwards or outwards. Being an essential complement for homes, offices and commercial premises, their value as furniture is not to be underestimated. The material and the finishes of the doors can in fact recall the overall style, combining perfectly with the furniture. The range proposed by Iris Ceramiche combines the functionality of hinged doors with aesthetics, making use of the collaboration with the most prestigious brands to guarantee superior quality and long-lasting products.

Traditional does not mean outdated: the company offers different types of swing doors, from the most modern to the timeless classics, to fulfil the wishes of even the most demanding customers. The staff at Iris Ceramiche is always available to provide advice and consultancy so you can choose the best furnishing solution.

By visiting the nearest showroom, in the province of Savona or Imperia, you can choose between:

  • Invisible swing doors
  • Swing doors flush with the wall
  • Traditional swing doors


Sliding doors

Those who need to optimise space or who prefer to create a broad environment can choose sliding doors. This is the direct alternative to swing doors, as the opening between one room and another occurs with the disappearance of the door inside the wall. This mechanism takes place by means of special tracks along which the dividing panel moves, so as to facilitate the movement with a retractable effect. 

Sliding doors stand out above all for their functionality, and in fact they allow you to recover precious space compared to the bulk of a swing model. Consequently, they represent the best furnishing choice for rooms of reduced size, enhancing them with a solution that is practical and at the same time aesthetic.

Also in the case of sliding doors, the design is not underestimated by Iris Ceramiche, which offers its customers different finishes capable of matching the style of the interiors in perfect harmony. Depending on your different needs and personal taste, you can choose between:

  • Invisible sliding doors
  • Internal wall sliding doors
  • External wall sliding doors

Armoured doors

Iris Ceramiche also has armoured doors to ensure maximum safety for its customers. Available in different types, they are generally chosen according to the property in which they are to be installed.

The armoured doors vary according to the degree of anti-burglary and thermal/acoustic insulation, each of which is suitable for certain environments. From the home to the office, but also commercial premises with valuable goods, the staff is at the complete disposal of customers to show them the armoured doors that best suit their needs

For more information on Iris Ceramiche hinged, sliding and armoured doors fill out the form right away: you will be contacted by the company with all the tailor-made solutions for you.

If you prefer to see all Iris Ceramiche’s proposals regarding swing, sliding and armoured doors for yourself, visit the nearest showroom.

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