Bathroom furniture

Iris Ceramiche has a series of major bathroom furniture brands with exhibitions arranged in the showrooms in Albenga, Altare and Sanremo. The collection proposed by the company is designed for those who are looking for a simple and practical solution, but who do not want to give up on style. Bathroom furniture can combine aesthetics with functionality,, highlighting compositional systems capable of adapting to any available space, not only thanks to style, but above all to great versatility. Visiting the shops in the Savona and Imperia areas, it is possible to be inspired by the many solutions conceived by Iris Ceramiche: furniture with an essential and elegant design, combinations of wengè woods and much more to furnish your bathroom with taste, optimising the available space. 

Iris Ceramica bathroom

For the Iris Ceramica company, the bathroom is one of the rooms that offers greatest variety in the design of the furniture. In fact, the showrooms in Albenga, Altare and Sanremo have an area entirely dedicated to this space, providing customers with various proposals regarding models and combinations with complements and accessories from the best brands. Design, which has already influenced the creation of bathroom fixtures for some time, is now enhanced in the creation of bathroom furniture solutions.

 At Iris Ceramica, the bathroom and its furniture are able to fully interpret contemporary and classic design, providing a timely response to new needs for the composition of environments.

showroom altare

Via G. Matteotti 45
17041 Altare (SV)
Tel. 019 584763

showroom albenga

Regione Bagnoli, A/2
17031 Albenga (SV)
Tel. 0182 571274

showroom sanremo

Corso Mazzini, 501
18038 Sanremo (IM)
Tel. 0184 516121